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Looking to book a Pleasure or Business Gathering?

Hosting an event at 30 Park, located inside the Hilton Garden Inn, offers all the amenities of a big city venue with all the comforts that are close to home.  Composed of varied spaces that can be customized to fit any gathering, 30 Park at Clifton Park Center is flexible yet refined.  It has that casual feel but with an attitude.  Whether you are looking to host an intimate event in an inviting setting or catering to a large group with many different needs, our various options will surely fit your needs. Weddings, rehearsals, team celebrations or corporate events, 30 Park is THE hometown venue.

The library 

Boasting a convenient address, this Clifton Park venue impresses on all accounts. Design a flexible meeting or event in the Library featuring natural light for an inviting atmosphere. This space is great for group meetings or dinners and birthday parties!


Conference + Meeting Rooms

Not all conference rooms are the same, ours are warm, comfortable, and functional space ideal for small team gatherings and presentations. Learn more here.


Saratoga Ballroom

Our biggest room at 3,500 sq. feet, enables a large group of people to gather in a warm setting away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.  With off the street parking and easy access, your downtown Saratoga experience just got easier. Be it a large meeting, exhibit, wedding, Holiday event space or dinner banquet of up to 200 guests our room becomes your room. 


Room Only Groups

Needing guestrooms with no meeting or event space? We make it quick and easy for you to reserve your rooms with us.

3 Reasons to Celebrate Here


"It was FANTASTIC! Your staff did such an awesome job! I can’t thank you enough. We’ll need to book again for 2023. I really can’t thank you enough for all you did for us. I hope your holidays are fabulous!!!"

- Connie Bramer


"The food was great!  It was refilled quickly, making the flow of guests go smoothly."

- Monica


"Thank you for everything, it was such a great event, we heard lots of great feedback! Your staff was absolutely amazing, they were super professional and kind, we really enjoy working with you!"

- Jennifer

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